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April Quick Post


As usual, the month is almost over, so here is the quick post. I think I have some of the most social friends, they all beat me to the Facebook scene. I didn’t know what I was missing I guess.

I have been getting more involved in social apps – Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, and Flickr just to name a few. design is casual incorporates these services into online strategy, all the rage these days.

It is only a matter of time before anyone can utilize all of these services together for a global takeover or at least provide a media overload.

New at design is casual, along with customizing the themes and templates behind these online identities, and teaching others how to get on board, well, I have been taking online classes on iTunes U. Free education, I figure once you pay how to learn, you realize that you can learn for free. I have been learning about iPhone development, the next frontier of always connected social experiences (are you with me?).

There are some pretty cool websites and consulting gigs in the works, very excited to be working with some of these folks and will update the portfolio before too long.

Before Facebook, I had time between work to do productive things like update the portfolio and cook meals. After Facebook, along with the Facebook iPhone app, where has the time gone? But at least my friends and clients know what I am doing, like when I get caught up in a snowstorm, which happens all the time in Bozeman.

Isn’t it amazing that people stream their thoughts while filling out tax forms, traveling, eating, wrecking in a plane, monitoring the economy, or what have you?

I can not remember life before social networks.