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Mobile Development

New at design is casual is a new macbook pro loaded with cs4 and an ipod touch, the makings of a great mobile studio. Before, I was tied to my desk for major development (And I still will be for many things).

Now I have the ability to visit clients and show on screen demos, work from coffee shops, and even work from other cities! I think this is a good development as it comes with the added bonus of creating iphone/ipod touch apps.

I have been approved by Apple to develop for iphone/ipod touch and am ramping up for this next wave of users doing just about everything with these devices.

With all of the new stuff, I would like to balance it out with some old stuff. My copy of StarCraft: Brood War, purchased in 1998 recently exploded inside my CDRW drive while playing. It made a loud bang inside my computer and I actually thought it was a fan blade that broke off somehow and hit the inside of the case. At the speed that the CD spins, I am surprised there was not more damage.

In case you wonder why players leave the game…

new web november

I subscribe to the archinect newsletter, and found an interesting call for submissions. The website for the project is (I like the removal of extra letters to keep the domain name short). The first issue is On Farming, and I have a small group that might be interested in creating a submission to bracket on this topic of traditional farming and farming under the different context of information/data.

The website uses an accordion interface element. I am working more with javascript libraries like jQuery to achieve nice, simple transition effects like bracket uses on their web page.

I can see how digital design can be used for involvement in architecture, and the issues that we are facing as people.

new art november

The largest prize pool (over $220,000) challenge ever – Myths & Legends – is taking place over at CGSociety.

It will be interesting to see what ideas are entered this year. The deadline for entries is February 3rd.

To view winners of another CGSociety competition that merges 2d and 3d, check out the NVArt Design Fusion winners.

Update: The winning image.

digital life

I can’t wait until there is a mobile HTML/CSS editor. Does anybody know of one? Preferably for iPod touch/iPhone? I can help test if anyone has one. copy and paste is nice.











web Ready

The time has come to unveil my new identity. I am not talking about an elaborate Halloween costume, I am referring to the new design is casual identity. Thanks to Ronald and the non-lethal guns at anonymousUNITED for creating a fine usage/arrangement of elements, and solidifying the first official logo for design is casual. A poster will accompany the package later this month. This news comes with perfect timing, in parallel with the recent unveiling of Adobe CS4, and in a few days, the next generation of Apple notebooks.

“This logo signifies the design is casual effort to be leading in innovative experiences, while at the same time remembering it is about enjoying life and relationships. With this logo behind the work, I will be able to create and promote this message and create projects that enhance the interactive perceptions of both digital and meatspace life,” Bruce said.

new web august

4 Color Rebellion has always been a cool site to visit. I fell in love with the basic post elements this site incorporates. It sounds like they are getting ready for a redesign. Don’t mess it up! I am helping out on the css side of things. It is exciting to work with such a cool staff.

new art august

Sandy Skoglund, Fox Games, 1989. This piece was very interesting to walk around but my favorite view was from the 4th floor in the DAM, looking down over the ledge. The foxes were coming back for their children. There was one red fox (not pictured) with something in its mouth. I found the scene very dynamic and with the dominating red environment, it was easy to become involved in the scene. I see that the artists website shows an installation with the colors reversed.

One other note is that the tables and chairs give this sort of proper, decorated feeling, contrasting with the wild, invisible foxes.

August Quick Post

The month went by fast and with a couple days left, this edition includes some textual updates and examples.

First – Travel

I went with my wife to visit our hometowns in the Black Hills with some friends. I took a business trip to Denver/Boulder to visit some associates (friends). We did some real research and went to The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. Huuuge. Did you see the pattern on Fox’s outfit? The tie is brilliant! I also had a DAM good time. If you are near the DAM, go to NOVO and try their single source coffee made with a Clover.

Second – Projects

Projects I have been working on this month range in scale from small to medium and cover multiple industries in the digital foray. I finished the book Blink and am caught up on magazines, I guess this relates to time in the airport.

Third – New Stuff

I am waiting for the new MacBook Pros to come out. It sounds like October now. The PowerBook will have another month on the coffee shop circuit. I even priced out some PCs. The Alienware I priced out was cool but I think I will wait until Apple refreshes the line.

In the next few weeks I will add a Portfolio and a Contact Page to this blog.

These have been textual updates and examples of place, vision, taste, and anticipation.

people need casual design

Today everything is people centered. Adobe has published many articles on experience design. This idea has influenced many of the designed products (architecture, mobile apps, fashion) we interact with every day. This is where I will be highlighting some of the great experiences involving casual design.