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August Quick Post

August 29th, 2008 by brooks

Type of thing: Lead-Story

The month went by fast and with a couple days left, this edition includes some textual updates and examples.

First – Travel

I went with my wife to visit our hometowns in the Black Hills with some friends. I took a business trip to Denver/Boulder to visit some associates (friends). We did some real research and went to The Dark Knight on the IMAX screen. Huuuge. Did you see the pattern on Fox’s outfit? The tie is brilliant! I also had a DAM good time. If you are near the DAM, go to NOVO and try their single source coffee made with a Clover.

Second – Projects

Projects I have been working on this month range in scale from small to medium and cover multiple industries in the digital foray. I finished the book Blink and am caught up on magazines, I guess this relates to time in the airport.

Third – New Stuff

I am waiting for the new MacBook Pros to come out. It sounds like October now. The PowerBook will have another month on the coffee shop circuit. I even priced out some PCs. The Alienware I priced out was cool but I think I will wait until Apple refreshes the line.

In the next few weeks I will add a Portfolio and a Contact Page to this blog.

These have been textual updates and examples of place, vision, taste, and anticipation.

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